Welcome New Residents


                                           Welcome New Residents

We're pleased you are here! To learn more about Deer Hollow and Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club, schedule a visit with our Welcome Committee. Call Carrol Smith at 352-668-4399.

                                               Where Do I Get information?

1.  Deer Hollow HOA has a website (deerhollowhoa.com) that contains important and useful materials such as useful telephone numbers, covenants and restrictions, budgets, committees and charters, architectural changes, emergency contact form, events calendar, meeting minutes and other information.

2.  Make an appointment with Debbie Ramos (352-588-9266) for the following requests:
o login access to the master board website www.tampabgcc.com
o sign up for informational e-mail blasts
o obtain your vehicle entry barcode to enter the front and back gates
o obtain a TBG&CC ID card for access to our amenities
o gain login access to the dwelling LIVE gate access system to allow visitors and service providers to the community

3.  Attend meetings of your Deer Hollow HOA and the TBGCC Master Board. Watch for notification by postings at the front and back gates, at the bulletin boards, stands near Deer Hollow mailboxes and at Deer Hollow Street entrances. Emails are also sent to announce meetings, so be sure to share your email address with the Deer Hollow HOA Board and the TBGCC Master Board.

4.  TIDBITS is our outstanding monthly publication highlighting current news, past and future events - everything you need to know about the TBGCC experience. This is available to members of the master association who pay their monthly fees. You will receive an email at the beginning of every month when the new TIDBITS is available online, or you can show your membership card to the receptionist at the clubhouse, and they will give you a hard copy.

5.  NEXTDOOR - https://nextdoor.com/neighborhood/tampabay--San-Antonio--FL You will see Classified ads, recommendations, and questions/answers by other residents of our community.

6.  Facebook - Search: Tampa Bay Golf & CC Neighborhood - This group is for Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club residents to post our interests, photos, videos and likes about TBGCC. This is a closed group, so you must ask to join.

7.  Facebook - Search: Deer Hollow at TBGCC - This group is for Deer Hollow and Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club residents to post our interests, photos, videos and likes about TBGCC.

                               Welcome to the Deer Hollow Neighborhood!

Your Deer Hollow HOA Board of Directors trust that you will enjoy living in our community. We pledge to do all that we can to make your choice of Deer Hollow a pleasant living experience.

Please consider this letter your invitation to register for an account, and to use your official Deer Hollow website, deerhollowhoa.com. In using the Deer Hollow website, you will find important numbers; social events; covenants & restrictions; budgets; committees & charters; architectural changes; an emergency contact form; events calendar; meeting minutes and other information.

How do you register? In your browser, type deerhollowhoa.com. When the Deer Hollow website page appears, click on the "Register" link in the top right corner of this website page and follow the directions.

If you have any questions about our Deer Hollow website, send an email to:
[email protected].

Deer Hollow HOA Board of Directors

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